Leah Bea (ch4ng1ng_r1v3r) wrote in neogirls,
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I am the girl! ^^

Um... Yeah, all my info can be found on my info page. My NP SN is the same as my LJ (convenient, no?) and I've actually playing for a while longer than what my SN says... I just forgot my old pass and deleted that e-mail... ^^;; Oops...
Soo... How are you all?
I know this sounds like I'm advertising my guild (and I guess I am. ^^;;;) but please visit the guild I made. The Address is in my NP information.
Thanks! And I hope to be VERY active!

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can we be neo friends?? I am always looking for neofriends off of neopet, so I hope that we can. Lookup my account: nekochanchan

Username: hipichu.

Take care
Of course we can be neofriends! I'm always looking for them, too. :)