Nyx Wolfwalker (nyxks) wrote in neogirls,
Nyx Wolfwalker

another intro

Morning everyone,

Just joined a couple days ago, and finally got time to post (chuckles I spend to much time on neopets playing around that I forget to use LJ at times).

Well on NeoPets i'm also known as Nyxks, and have been with the site for 50+ months now.

I would love it if i was further along with the site, but I'm not I'm still trying to get it to work for me half the time (half the time the site just will not load fully for me, and the other half it loads, but over half the games and what not of the site will not work - which sucks).

I would love to be able to gain more avatars as at the moment I'm only at 55 (any idea how to find more, or for that matter to find out what ones it is I alreayd have?)

Well I am always willing to make new NeoFriends so feel free in adding me to your friends list if you like.

take care everyone
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